Crops and Livestocks

Our farmers are vast experienced in cultivation of crops and livestocks. We also have variety of livestock we deal in for example goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, chicken, turkey, duck, etc. Our cash crops are cultivated in commercial quantity for the purpose of supply to domestic market and export to international markets.

With the growing level of food demand, we have invested heavily in building standard processing, preservation and packaging unit for our products. Our capacity enables us to deliver high quality agriculture products in a consistent and sustainable manner especially for markets we have developed and influence market share.

We take pride in the development and adoption of our agricultural technologies. Our technologies in agriculture have proven to improve yields, conserve critical resources and guarantee smooth flow of agricultural produce from farm to the end users.

Our agriculture infrastructure plays an important role in improving agriculture output performance, growth and development within the value chain. We are vast experienced in providing efficient strategies of agricultural infrastructure crucial to the enhancement of productivity and sustainability.

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